War Tribe - Ladies Gi (Black/Purple)

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War Tribe Gi’s are carefully designed and meticulously put together. We go the extra mile and think through every detail including the weave, weight, durability, feel, competition standards, and style. We are committed to 100% quality with every Gi. This women’s Gi is good for everyday training and meets IBJJF standards of competition.

  • This BJJ Gi is clean and classy
  • Solid black Gi with purple contrast stitching
  • Honeycomb weave using premium 100% cotton fabric
  • Ripstop pants, double reinforced stitching
  • White and Purple Embroideries on chest and pant leg
  • Light weight and extremely durable
  • Tailored arms for mobility and lighter weight
  • Pants designed to fit a women’s frame

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