Lowest Price Guarantee

What Qualifies?

1. Identical to the competitor's product

2. Competitor must ship to the United States of America and the product must be priced in USD on their website

3. Product must be immediately available at a qualifying online retailer*

4. Product's price must be inclusive of Shipping charges as BuyGis.com ships nearly all our BJJ Gis for FREE (if BJJ Gi's price is over $99).

5. Product's price must not be lower due to an advertising error, misprint or special sale price.

*BuyGis.com accepts most online retailers however we reserve the right to refuse any competitor.


Requesting a Lowest Price Guarantee

1. E-mail cs@buygis.com with the subject "LPG"

2. Attach a link to the product you are seeking a Lowest Price Guarantee on from BuyGis.com

3. Attach a link to the competitor's identical product

4. If the competitor does NOT offer free shipping: Attach a screen shot for the shipping charge to your destination (typically displayed at Checkout after entering your address)


Obtaining Your Lowest Price Guarantee

If the competitor and product qualify, we will get back to you within 24-48 hours supplying you with a discount code for the price of our product minus 25% of the difference in price between our product and the competitor's identical product.

BuyGis.com's Lowest Price Guarantee cannot be combined with any other discounts.